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I'm Guil. I'm 20 years old. Get to know more about me through my posts, my conversations with friends and also through my photos. Have fun with me and let's enjoy the ride. I am not really good at introductions but who cares? You can approach me anytime you like. Talk to me, share your experiences with me. Let's have fun, okay? Lovely People are here. free counters HTML hit counter - Quick-counter.net
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Ayan na naman ang mga modus operandi ng mga nais magparami ng kanilang followers. Hmmm. Ano ba yan? Bulok na bulok na yang ganyang style. Pero sige, tingnan natin sa ibang anggulo. Baka naman talaga ang objective nila ay makipagfriends at para daw hindi awkward ang “friendship” o “relationship” eh kailangang finafollow ang isa’t isa. Haynako. Para-paraan. 

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